Hello World! My name is Lefty. I am a 5yr. old labrador retriever. I was born and live here in beautiful Colorado. I had a wonderful mother (Dakota) who raised me for awhile with the help of a very nice family with kids. (I just love little people!) I never got to know my dad (Serengeti's). He didn't live there with us. I also have two brothers and a sister. We didn't live there very long. Soon, one-by-one, my sister and one of my brothers went away with people i didn't know. That made me sad and i sure missed them. Then one day, this man and women came by and picked up my older brother and me too. The man scooped up my brother and the lady, she took me. Out the front door we all went. Everyone fallowed except for my mom. Would you believe, they put us in a cage together in the back of a camper-truck? I gotta tell you, I was scared! All of a sudden the truck made a rumble. Everyone started waiving and saying good-bye. The next thing we new, the truck started moving away from the house. The place we had called home. I never saw my mom and that nice family again. I missed them. I guess you could say, we were off on our first big adventure. A brand new life for my older brother and me.
We rode in the back of that truck not knowing what was going on. Before long we stopped. The truck opened up. There they were again.  But now, there was another lady too. Strangers! Who are these people? We were so nervous don't you know? They opened the cage to get us out.  Boy, were they in for a nice big surprise! One of us had a little boo-boo. Hey, i'm not saying who. It was a bit crowded in that cage for two you know. So, off we went for our very first bath. My mind was racing " Get me out of here!" Once we got out of that tub, we got to check out her nice big yard. She had a little dog too. (I just love little dogs!) Her name was Coco. And that new lady? I didn't know it then, but she turned out to be my new grandma. It wasn't long before we were back in that cage and on the road again.
Our next stop, another new house. Out came this man with a big smile on his face. Who were these strangers all happy and smiling. Didn't they know, we just wanted to go home? All i was thinking was "I want my mom!"  Before i knew it the lady had me in her arms again. My brother was in the cage alone. Oh No! What are they doing? The truck made it's rumble, they're waiving and saying good-bye again. There goes my brother with that man. Will i ever see him again?  Now the lady and this new man open the door and take me into a new house. Guess what?It's my new home. I have a new mom and a new dad.  They start calling me Lefty. Why? Then i hear them say, " He's the best left-over ever!" Guess that means i was the last one picked for the team. But i can tell, they love me very much. I think I can learn to love them too. But my brother! Where did my brother go? Stay tuned....