Uncle "B"

            Westgold's   Blanco
Our Uncle "B".  He was the Greatest dog around!   
                         And this is his story...                 
                                                                                                                                                                                         (as told by Lefty) 
   Uncle "B" was a giant of a dog. (a gentle giant!) He had a very keen sixth sense too!  He was born on December 21, 1991. Our uncle on our father Lars side of the family. 
   In the beginning he lived with a couple none of our family new. But, this couple had a hard time getting along. So finally one day in 1995 they decided to call it quits. There was just one problem though. They fought over who was going to keep Blanco. Off to court they went. Well, the man behind the big desk (they call him the judge) the one in the black robe, couldn't take it anymore.  So, he decided since these people couldn't get along neither one of them could keep Uncle "B".  He sentenced poor Uncle "B" to the pound.    Now how fair is that? Uncle"B"  didn't do anything wrong!    What a mean man!            
   Now when Uncle"B" got there, the people at the pound knew he was a special dog. So, they called the Labrador Rescue right away. Sure enough thay wanted him. Just one more problem for poor Uncle "B". Before he could leave the pound he had to be fixed to where he couldn't have his own family one day. Under the knife he went.   Poor Uncle"B"!


   The people at the Labrador Rescue tried hard to find poor Uncle "B" a new home. They sent him to live with a new family. Well, back he came. Seems he didn't fit in there. So they tried another family. Back he came again. Off he went to a 3rd family. You guessed it. Back he came. While all of this was going on, a friend of my moms' brother (he is my uncle now)  She kept calling him and telling him about Blanco. "You gotta see this dog".  "You gotta have this dog" she'd tell him. He kept saying no. "No more dogs for me". "It's just too hard when you loose them!". "I just can't". So, the Labrador Rescue tried a 4th family. There he stayed. For awhile anyway. But, there was a problem. These people wanted to put him in the back of a moving truck and take him all the way to California.  

   Both my uncles lived a very happy life together. They were always together. Except of course when my human uncle had to go to work. It was on one of those days Uncle "B" decided he should check out the new nieghborhood. He just didn't feel like spending the day alone that day. Uncle "B" was well educated. He had already graduated from hunting school and he was bored that day. So he figured. Hey I've been to my new Vet.'s office for a check-up. Why not go there. Uncle "B"  was also very strong. So, he grabbed on to the bottom of the fence and gave it a mighty pull.  No problem!  And, off  he went. Straight to the Vet's front door and gave it a knock. Nobody came. Being a little impatient he headed for the back one. While he was doing that, the Vet was headed to the front one. He opened the door and looked around. He couldn't believe what he saw. There sat Uncle "B" waiting at the back door for someone to let him in. This surprised the Vet quite a bit. Not too many of his patients were that eager to come and see him. Of course he knew who he was right away. Uncle "B" always seemed to make a big impression with people he met. You just couldn't forget him after you'd met him. Of course he let him in. He gave my human uncle a call to let him know. The day didn't turn out quite the way Uncle "B" thought it would though. He had figured he would get to hang out and visit with everybody all day. The Vet had a different plan. He told Uncle "B" he was a "Bad Boy!" for taking off from home. He made him stay locked up in a big cage all day. (except of course when he needed to do his business.) The Vet really did get a big kick out of him though. To this day, he loves to tell  the tail of   Uncle "B". That night my human uncle had some work to do on the fence when he got home. Once they got it done. He turned to Uncle "B" and said   "Please don't do that again."   He never did.
   One of both of my uncles favorite things to do was to go fishing. They just loved to go to the river together. Every year on my human uncle's Birthday. He would treat himself  to a wonderful day together with Uncle "B" at the river. Of course they went there other times too. But  Birthdays, they always seemed to be extra special.
   One day my human uncle got stung by a wasp. Ouch! Not only that, if it hadn't been for Uncle "B", he might have died. Turns out my uncle had become allergic to the wasp sting. He passed out and hit the floor. Uncle "B" ran to him and kept poking him and barking at him until he got him to wake up again . Then he was able to get the medical help he needed. Thank you uncle "B"!  From that day on, that good old  sixth sense  of  Uncle "B"s would kick in. He always warned my uncle when there was a wasp around. He would put his paw on it if he had to. Anything to keep it away from his dad.
   They had some really great years together. Every year they would treat my mom to a Birthday visit too. She always said it was her favorite gift of the day!  A  Birthday just wasn't a  Birthday without a visit from Uncle "B". One year she had on her big furry slippers. He just couldn't resist it! In his mouth  they went. Foot and all. Up in the air her leg went. He wasn't letting go either. He didn't hurt her. (never ever would he do that!)  Oh how they all laughed. It was a  Birthday she would never forget.
   The years seemed to pass much to quickly. And unfortunatly with each new year we get a little older. Our bodies start to change and they do get tired. Seems they just don't want to work the way they used to. Then they start to fail us. We just can't stop it. I wish we could. There comes a time when we have no choice. We have to say good-bye and move on to the next plain. That day came for Uncle "B" on October 29, 2003. It was my moms' 50th Birthday. The hardest Birthday of her life.  Uncle "B"  was gone and everyones hearts were broken. 
My uncle said "No more! I just can't do it ever again." Seems Uncle "B" had a different plan. My uncle needed someone and so did mom. She had lost her little dog Facie in March of that same year. So Uncle "B", ( even though they couldn't see him)  he push my uncle to search for dog sites on the net. And in Janurary 2004 lo and behold,  there we were. A litter of puppies. Relatives of  Uncle "B". They just had to go see us.  On that same day  Uncle "B"  passed on his gift (his sixth sense)  to my brother Rocko.  And a gift for my mom too. Me.  Rocko cherishes his gift well.  He uses it to. He knows about the wasps and he calms his dad whenever he needs it.  Uncle "B",  he is still with us. He is in all of our hearts and always will be. So, Thank You  Uncle "B"  for our new homes. We'll try very hard to make you proud.
                        With Love To You Always,
                                  Lefty, Rocko, my Mom and
                                         Especially your Dad
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