Hi Everybody! I'm Rocko.

  I'm Lefty's older 
I'm the one who took the journey with him to our new homes. I do have a little better memory than he does though. Probably because I entered this world just a little sooner than he did. You see, I remember the people he called strangers. They came to our first home once before that day. They came to check us all out.  The man had first pick (as they call it) over my brothers, sister and me. He thinks he picked me. That's not what really happened. You see, I have a sixth sense. Just like our "Uncle B". And just like he did, I knew this man needed me. So when they got down on the floor with us I went straight over to him. I wiggled my way up his jacket, curled up and settled in. That did it!  He found his new best friend right then and there. He said "I'll take him." So from now on, it's up to me to watch over him! 
                                                   I can do that!
  On the day of our journey, when we left my brother behind, I worried about him. He's kinda sensitive and can be a bit dramatic. You know how the baby of the family can be sometimes. I hoped that he would be ok. And I wondered too, if I would ever see him again.  I was  a little nervous, yet excited at the same time, not knowing where my journey would end. It wasn't long before the truck made it's final stop that day. My new home. In the door the man (my new dad) and I went. Wow! I've got  company. Cats. One of them Jorden, he doesn't like me much. My answer to that. Well hey, what else could it be?  The chase is on!  
What fun!  Now the other cat Stubs, he was very happy!
You see, he had loved Uncle "B" very much. He would cry every night for him. I helped my cat with that. He doesn't cry anymore.  As I settled in, my new dad started calling me Rocko. He told me I had some big shoes to fill. He didn't know I already new that.                                                                                           
     It's that sixth sense I have. Just like Uncle "B".               
  All day long, my new dad and I had alot of fun together!
 We'd play with my new football. And I'd follow him everywhere. One day I followed him into the bathroom.  "Oh"  I thought to myself,  "So this is where we do our business."  So I gave it a try. I sure made him laugh! Then he explained to me puppies do that outside.. One morning all of a sudden, dad was getting dressed real early. Then he put me in that cage again. What's this all about I wondered? Then he explained to me he had to go back to work now and our time together would be just a little different . He told me he loved me and to be a good little man. He said "grandma will be by to visit you. Be a good boy for her." Out the door he went with a very sad look on his face. Later that day, sure enough, grandma came by. Boy, I was glad to see her!
 She got me out of that cage. We played and I got to go outside. Sometimes I would get into a little mischief.
(Come on now.  You know we all do that once in awhile.) From then on she would come see me everyday. When it was time for her to go home, back in the cage I'd go. Just like a good boy. She always gave me a little treat on her way out. Not a bad deal. Then I'd nap and wait for dad to come home. Every night when he opens the door there's a big smile on his face. The rest of the day is ours!  We would have our dinner then head outside. We'd play for awhile until dad started working on something. I didn't know what it was but, somethimes I'd try to help.
Sometimes I think he thought I was helping a little to much.  So, I'd take off and explore my yard. It was winter then and I liked it when it snowed. Dad didn't work on his project then. We just played. Dads project turned out to be a big outdoor cage. When it was done, grandma didn't come over everyday anymore. I missed her and the treats. But, I liked my new freedom too. I could go outside anytime I wanted and watch the birds and squirrels at play.
  When I got a little older dad loaded me in the car one night.   No more cage. Yeah!   We took a little ride. Well, what do you know? We ended up at the house where we'd left my brother at.  Out came the lady. (So where's my brother?) He wasn't with her. She hopped in the car with us. I think I like her. I could tell she sure liked me. Off we all went. Next stop....  Hey, lookie here! There's lots of other dogs here. Wow, how cool. Looks like I'm the youngest one here. That didn't bother me a bit. I just wanted to see everybody. Turns out it's a place they called school. It sure was fun there! We all learned alot. We all went there together once a week up until the night I graduated. So what if I didn't graduate at the top of the class. I did learn alot and I had a blast!  When it was over, I missed going. I missed all the people and other dogs I'd met. I missed the lady too.  I always wondered though, where's my brother? How come he didn't he get to go?
  Soon winter turned to summer. With summer comes one of the things in life dad really likes to do. Fishing!  He packed up the truck with a bunch of stuff and we both piled in. Not in the back anymore. I get to ride shot-gun for him. I just love it!  Off to the mountains we go.  He takes me to his favorite river. A place he and Uncle "B" just loved to go. 
I can see why.  This place is great! I love it here too!  There's so much to do here.  I love to explore. I keep pretty busy  cleaning up the banks.
When I get a little tired.  I take a quick break on my favorite rock. Dad likes it when I do that. You see, this was  Uncle "B" favorite rock too. And he would do the very same thing. Well of course, I already new that.         
                 (My sixth sense you know.)
                                                     Sometimes there are horses there too. One day I got a little close to the hind end of one. Whoops! She didn't like that one bit!  Man I never ran that fast in my life!  I headed straight for my dad ducking in behind him. "Save me save me!"   Thank goodness that horse stopped then!  I'm sure she was laughing at me the whole time! It probably made her day. It taught me a lesson too.  They don't mind if you say "Hi" nose to nose. But never, ever check out their rear!  Before the sun sets, we have to head home. Sometimes I'm so tired I fall asleep with my head in dad's lap.  "Thanks Dad!" I had a great day!
Now that I'm older. I still love to go to the river.
So, anytime your ready dad....
   Lets Go !