Well, I guess this is it. My new home.
    In the door we go. (I feel so alone without my brother.) I'm nervous and scared! Yet somehow, I'm a little excited too. Man these people are full of alot of hugs and kisses. But this lady. She really needs to put me down. I want to check out everything I see in here. Finally! It's about time. Seems like they've got alot of stuff growing in the house that to me, should be outside. What's that blue thing? Oh No! That looks like another cage to me. I bet they're gonna stick me in that one too. Quick, run left. Oh man, a gate! No escaping that way. Look, to the right. There's another room. Go for it Run!  Whoa!   Wait just a minute here. 
What's this? Is that for me? This thing is bigger than I am. Cool! It's got food in it. And water too. It is for me.  My very own dish.  Well at least I know these people are gonna feed me. Maybe this won't be so bad after all. Maybe I don't need to panic just yet. I think I should  slow down just a little and check this place out. So off I go. Ah, darn it.  Not another gate. Now how can I check things out if they won't let me past all these gates? I think I better go check and see if my dish is still there.  Great!  It's still there. Both of them keep following me everywhere I go. They do seem to be very happy to have me here. As they head toward a door I hear them saying   "Come here little guy.  Come on Lefty"  Are they talking to me? I think so. Okay, here I come. They opened the door. There it was. The great outdoors. Wow!  A new backyard. (Is this mine too?) Out we all go. Cool there's a big tree and lots of things to check out, out here. There are a couple of big gates though. Oh well, that's ok. There's still plenty to check out.  Whoops! Pit- Stop gotta go.  "Oh good boy!  Good boy Lefty!"  They must be talking to me. I must be Lefty. But, what's the big deal.
   It wasn't long before we headed back inside. Yep, my dish, it's still there. Cool! So far so good. I haven't been locked in that cage yet either.  Looks like there might be a blanket in it. That might not be too bad. I'm not going in though. Who knows, they might lock me in it.  I'll just wait tell they're not looking. I started looking around and found some toys and things to play with.
 The little lamb is cute but, those cans. They make alot of noise and move on there own. Cool! Go for it. Get em again. This is fun! I'm forgetting about being scared. I'm settling in here. Whoops! Pit-Stop!  Uh-oh! Moms heading my way. "No, no Lefty!" Swish, she scoops me up and out the back door we go. I think she's trying to tell me something here. But what? Ah heck. Lets just have a little fun out here for a while. In and out we go all day. Pretty soon it starts to get dark outside. Looks like I might be spending the night here. Are they gonna stick me in that cage now?  I'm just sure they're going to. Nope. Mom stayed and slept with me all night. That was nice. It made me feel less afraid of the dark. Still, I couldn't help but think of my brother and wonder where he was that night.
   Soon the days started to pass by. Mom would stay with me all day. But dad, he couldn't. Seems he had to go to a place they call work. Before he left he would always tell me "Be a good boy. Keep her young." What the heck did that mean? I guess he ment for me to keep her busy. So, I did. We'd play together most of the day.
 And yes. I hate to admit it. But I'm not perfect .   I did have a few Pit-Stop problems  in the house. (I am still a baby after all.) And each time, swish out the back door we'd go. I'll get it one of these days.  Sometimes you just forget when your having fun. I don't have to spend much time in that cage either. Only if mom has something to do that I can't help her with.  What a relief!  I kinda hate to admit it. But, I do like it here. I feel so loved! Still, I do wonder alot about my  Brother .   
                                                    Is he happy too?
   One night after dad got home. We all piled into his truck. Now this is cool! No cage and no riding in the back. I get to ride inside with both of them. I'm loving this! I can see everything from here. Where we're going and where we've been. A short time later we stopped at a place I'd never been before. In we all went. Wow!  There are other dogs and cats in here. Cool!  I got really excited. You could say I was a little out of control. They kept telling me  "Behave yourself Lefty!"  I just couldn't help myself. This place was cool! They made me stand on this funny machine for a minute. I couldn't stay still. I just couldn't. Pretty soon the lady behind the counter said " He weighs 14.3 lbs." What the heck did that mean? I sure didn't care.  Next they took me into this little room. I met some new people in there too. They really started checking me out. I think they liked me.  One lady said I had a great head.      
            (I already new that. It worked good for me most of the time.)      
Turns out this lady was my new Doctor. I liked her. Even if she did think I was a bit dramatic. She was all touchie and feelie everywhere. I do mean everywhere!  Even in the place she called my little gold nugets. "Whoops' she said. "There could be a little problem here." Seems one little nuget wasn't in the right place just yet. So what? I felt just fine. She told my mom and dad if it didn't fix itself they might have to do surgery. What the heck is that? (Everything in that department turned out just fine later on. I've got a feeling that was real good news for me.) I've got to admit, I didn't like them to much when they started poking me with those darn needles. Boy was I scared then. It hurt don't you know? I was real relieved when that was over.
When my new Doctor got done with me, she gave me a little treat for being a good boy. Then we went back to the big room. They took my picture and said   " Bye-bye. We'll see you again soon." Guess that means I'll be visiting them again. I'm thinking to myself  "Okay. But, keep those darn needles away from me!" Out the door we went. Homeward bound we go.
  After we got home that night mom started talking on the phone to someone  It seemed like she did that alot at night. I could swear she was talking about me. It kinda sounded like she was comparing me to someone. But who? She laughed alot. It sounded like both of them, who ever it was she was talking to, enjoyed exchanging stories. Ah heck. Let'em talk. It gives dad and me a chance to hang out and have some fun together. We don't get alot of time to do that. Mostly just on the weekends. The very next weekend. We all piled into the truck together.  Oh boy!   Where are we going this time?  It wasn't to long before we stopped. I looked out the window and   OH MY GOSH!  THERE HE IS!  IS IT REALLY HIM?  YES, YES ,YES!  IT'S  HIM, IT'S HIM! IT'S REALLY HIM!     MY BROTHER!
Hurry, hurry! Let me out, let me out! Come on, come on! Please, please, please! Oh please hurry!     I have never been happier in my life.   Out of control?  You bet I was!  Even dad had a hard time holding on to me. Suddenly I turned into Lefty, Supper Puppy! It was like I had the strength of a wild horse. I ran straight to the fence dragging my dad behind me. They couldn't get that darn gate open fast enough  for me. 
 My brother was glad to see me too!
 We hooked up right away. Two brothers.
 Together again!
 Wrestling and having a blast!  We ran and played tumbling to the ground. We got good and dirty. Just like little boys should. We were having such a wonderful time together! Suddenly my brother gave me a big scare!  He started to cough. I thought he was choking. Oh man! What have I done!  Are you okay Bro?  Please be okay! I couldn't figure out why no one else was in a panic like me? Come on guys. Don't you care? Please,  Do something here!
  Okay. So maybe I over reacted just a little. My brother got a little dust in his throat. That's all. Maybe we should slow down for awhile. We both could use a big drink of water. After we got our drink. My brother started showing me around his new back yard.
He started telling me about his new dad. Sure enough, that's who my mom had been talking to on the phone all those nights. I found out that he's my uncle. He gave my brother a new name just like my mom and dad did for me. My brothers new name is Rocko.            
Rocko and Lefty. Brothers forever.  Back together and having a blast!
Rocko told me he didn't have a mom like me. I think he thought I was kinda lucky. Because, I had someone to stay with me all day. He did have his cats though. But, he didn't get to see them until his dad got home from work. They had thier own spaces in the house during the day. You see, Rocko has his very own doggie door. (How cool that must be. I wished I had one too.) His cats aren't allowed to go outside. That ment they couldn't stay with him during the day. He told me how much fun it was to pester Jorden at night. Jorden doesn't like him very much. Of course that makes it even more fun! Stubs likes him alot though. They were becoming pretty good pals. I'll bet it's nice to have a pal around. I didn't get to meet the cats that day. Mybe next time.
 Rocko has something else I don't have.  A neighbor.  He just happened to be home that day. He took me over to meet him. He seemed nice. I bet it's nice to have another dog around too. Even if they don't live with you. You still have someone to exchange dog tails with once in awhile. Then he told me about the little girl dog on the other side of his house. (Boy. Was he ever lucky!)  She doesn't live there all the time. She just comes to visit with her Grandma once in awhile. She wasn't there that day. Maybe next time I come over she will be. I'd like to meet her too. It seemed like the day just flew by. We had had so much fun together. It was way to soon when mom said,  
                                "Tell your brother good-bye.  We've got to go now." 
  As we said our good-byes. Rocko and my new uncle walked us to the gate.  I was a little sad. But as we drove away. I knew in my heart. We would be seeing each other again. We were after all ,                       
                                   One big happy family now! 
  Mom's still talking on the phone all the time with my uncle. They're always giving each other updates on "the boys." (That's me and Rocko of course.) She's also doing something I'm not to sure I like. Every week. Once a week. She's going somewhere with Rocko and my uncle. I'd really like to know what gives? I want to go too. It seems like every time she gets back she starts trying to teach me new things. I like learning these things. But, I would rather be going along with them. I want to know where they are going. One night when they got back. The whole gang came in. Yeah! Rocko! I was very happy to see them both. I hadn't seen them for awhile. Once we got done with our hello's and playing a bit. I started showing him around my new home. While we were doing that he filled me in on what's been going on. He was going to public school. (So that's where mom was learning all this new stuff.) He said it was great. Lots of other dogs went there to. He figured he was the youngest one there. It didn't bother him one bit. He told me how one end of his classroom was a great big mirror. He said the very first time he saw himself in it. He took a double take. For one split second he thought it might be me. But on the second glance, he knew it was him. Everytime he walked past that mirror he loved looking at himself. Always thinking "Boy I'm cute!" I was thinking "Boy your full of yourself." I think he might be a little bit of a narcissist. (Maybe a little in love with himself you know?) I don't care. He's my big brother and I love him no matter what! So there you have it. My brother a graduate of public school. And me, home schooled. It didn't seem quite fair. But that's the way it was. Oh well. A least we're learning. They couldn't stay very long that night. Both of our dads had to work the next day. Short but sweet! When we said our good-byes. It was okay. 
                    We knew we would be seeing each other again soon.
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