The days seem to be flying by. Mom says I'm growing like a weed.  I've mastered all those Pit-Stop problems too. I just wish I had a doggie-door like my brother Rocko. Waiting for someone to let me out can be kind of a pain some times.  
I do love my new mom and dad. I love playing in my yard. And on a hot summer night, it's great to kick back and cool down on my own back porch.  
                       I'm  a  happy boy!
  I've out grown my blue cage too. (We call it my bedroom now.) So, one day we all went to the pet store together. I even got to go in. Now this was exciting! And, you guessed it. I got a little out of control again. I embarrassed the heck out of mom and dad. Everybody else was laughing at me. I did get a new bedroom while we were there. It's a convertible. We can take it anywhere we go. As we left I wondered if they would ever take me there again. I'm thinking that just might be a little iffy. 
   Rocko's been by a few times. And I've 
gone to visit him too. I've even gotten to go inside and meet the cats. Boy did we freak them out! They thought they were seeing double. It was so funny. Once in a while we meet up at the park for a walk too. I made a rule for our walks there. I lead the way. I go first.  Period!
   On the 4th of July we packed up my new bedroom and headed off to Grandma's house. There were some people there I had never met.
Rocko and my uncle where there too. And as usual, we were very happy to see each other. I think the other people thought we might be a little crazy!
  Grandma's yard is a great place for us to run and play!  When we get to wrestling there, we don't get all dusty and dirty.  
  We had so much 
      fun that day.
 If I do say so myself.  We really were pretty good boys that day. I didn't even have to go to my room while they ate all that great smelling food. When it got dark. We all sat together on the lawn and watched the pretty fireworks show. They came from the park where we take our walks. The park is right down the street from grandma's house. We had a great view for the show. 
Rocko got a little bored. So while nobody was looking he chewed his leash in two. Whoops! Not a good idea Rocko. My uncle was not happy with him. Rocko really got yelled at for that one. After that, it was time to head on home.
                                                 We had a wonderful time on our            
                                     first 4th of July together! 
   Summer is coming to an end. The leaves are starting to fall from the trees. And mom has been doing something really strange. She's putting things in boxes. There are boxes everywhere. And things seem to be disappearing too. She also seems a little sad to me.  Dads seems to be coming and going alot lately too.
Every time he leaves. The house it gets a little more empty. As I waited for him to come home again. I began to wondered. 
       "What the heck is 
        going on here!" 
                                                                             Over the next few days. The house got more and more empty. Things were disappearing left and right. 
Pretty soon all that was left was my bedroom. And my dish. My mind was racing again! I was beginning to think they were going to leave me here all alone.                                       
      That just couldn't be true.  
                   They love me.  
             I just know they do.
Then it happened. They picked up my dish. Folded up my bedroom. We all climbed into the truck and drove away.   I knew they loved me!  I just wish I knew what was going on.
                                                                                               Where are we going?