Since I've been to visit my new Vet. And I've had some home schooling now.   
Mom has started taking me for walks. We go every morning. I just love it! It's just not a good day until you've had your morning walk. As soon as she ties up her walking shoes good and tight. (That's so I don't pull her out of them.) We head for the dresser where my leash is kept. She makes me sit while she hooks me up and then out the door we go. I have to go easy. Then wait while she closes the door. Now heal. And off we go. I really do try to be good. But sometimes, you've just got to "stop and smell the roses" as they say. When we get to the corner and it's time to cross. I always have to stop and look both ways. I'm never, ever supposed to step out in front of traffic!  You could get hurt really bad if you do.   We pass a lot of trees as we head toward the Church. Mom's pretty patient while she lets me check them all out. She understands how a dogs just gotta do that!  Sometimes when we pass by the Church  there's music playing. The first time I heard it. It took me by surprise. Mom laughed at me. I wasn't quit sure where it was coming from. I like it. It's pretty. Not to far from the Church, is where my first new friend lives.   
His name is Snowball. He's just the cutiest little thing.  Did I mention? 
                                               I just love little dogs! 
I think Snowball is the reason why. Every day he's always there waiting to greet me. I always look forward to seeing him too! Sometimes we do go different ways on our walks. But we always make sure we go by Snowballs' house.    No matter what!
Along one of our other routes there's another cute dog. He's a pug and he likes me too. We're always happy to see each other. I got a little to anxious to see him one day and almost ran my mom into a tree.   Whoops!   Out of control again. I'm not supposed to do that. Sometimes I just loose my head for a second. One day I asked him if he ran into a door once or something? I didn't mean to be rude. But his face looked funny to me. I wondered how he could breath. He seemed to snort quite alot. He told me "No. This is the face I came with." "Don't worry. I can breath just fine." I think I might have hurt his feelings a little. I shouldn't have done that. I told him I was sorry if I did. "I like the way you look.  I was just worried about you." He told me it was okay "I've been asked that before."  Well, we gotta go. It was time to head for home.
It's summer now. And sometimes I get a little hot on our morning walk.
So out back we go. Time to hit the pool for awhile. Mom fills it up every day with nice fresh water. 
  It's so refreshing!
The hose is a great place to get a great big drink of water. You really need to keep alot of water in yourself on a hot summer day. It helps to keep you cool 
and feeling great. It's all so refreashing. It makes me want to do a little
 That's what mom calls it. I can really get to flying around my back yard!                        
                                  It's just so much fun!
Then I might play a little tether-ball for awhile. 
                             It's great fun too!
Seems like I knock the ball out alot. Mom's always putting it back together for me so I can have another go at it.
            Mornings are great! 
  We have so much fun together!
Once I've worn my mom out. (Okay, so maybe I'm a little pooped too.) We head back inside the house. While mom gets  started doing her chores. I get to take a little nap.
                       Ah!  The life of luxury!  Boy, have I've got it made!