Oh My Gosh!  I Must Be Dreaming.
   During the week I've been wanting to take more and more naps lately. Mom says it's a sign of depression. I say it's just a good way to pass the time when I'm bored. 
You see. It's like this. When I'm sleeping, I can dream about all the fun I've had hanging out and playing with my brother Rocko.
Sometimes I dream about when we were really little
and heading out on our very first adventure together. About the day we stopping here a Grandma's house for the very first time. Dreaming about how nervous and unsure we were when we first got here.
It took us awhile to start looking around and checking things out. We were just a couple of babies then. Other times I dream about when I would get to go over and visit Rocko at his house and we'd get to rolling and wrestling and getting real good and dirty.  
We always have so much fun and end up looking like we were in one heck of a battle.
I love my dreams. My dreams are like reliving all our wonderful times together. It's like making my memories come to life again. Just plain wonderful! Sometimes I get so deep into my dream, my feet get to running. My nose starts to twitching. At times I even start talking in my sleep. When I start doing that, mom starts  laughing at me and wakes me up.              
            Gee mom. Did you have to do that?              I was having such a good time. Once I'm up and about. Mom figures we better get it together and get ourselfs going out for a walk. I like our walks. I do love to get out and see the world. Plus, they help to pass the time so we can get closer to the weekend. Sometimes it feel like the weeks are passing by slower and slower. That's because I'm looking forward to the weekend so very, very much.  I love the weekends when I get to go play with my brother Rocko. 
                            I love em, I love em, I love em! I just love em! 
We get to run free and be a couple of goof balls. We pretty much always end up looking the same way as we did when we were babies. We still love a good wrestling match in the dirt. It really doesn't matter where we're at. 
                                We just love to wrestle.
Heck, we've had some real good matches here at grandma's house too.                
< I'll take him down.                
 Then he'll take me
 down >                                 
    Neither one of us  
     ever really wins.                                                                                                
 We just have a great time.  No matter what.                    
            It's no wonder I like to dream so much.           
              I get to relive each and every wonderful moment we've shared together. 
   Finally it's here.The weekend. Yeah! Oh no! I think I'm having a nightmare! It's just like Thanksgiving all over again. (Not one of my favorite days!) I'm locked up in my bedroom again. And I do mean locked. The chains are on tight and there's no breaking out this time. Mom and dad are going in and out, in and out. The rooms getting empty. What are you people doing? Don't leave me in here! I don't want to be alone. Please let me help. I don't like this. Not one little bit. By now the whole world probably knows it. Just get me out of here. My heart's pounding, my head's racing, my tongue's getting way to big for my mouth and it's hanging out. Somebody please. "Get me out of here! NOW!" Grandma's starting to get a little upset with me too. I can feel the tears getting ready to flow. Somebody wake me up.                                                 Hurry. Wake me up.Please!
   Oh thank goodness. Finally. It's over. I'm out of my room. But, I don't think I was dreaming. As I look around, everything is gone. Just one big empty room. Hey! Wait a minute. I've seen this happen before. Oh my gosh! Could it be? Is one of my other dreams coming true? Are we going home? Yep. There goes my bedroom. Mom's hooking me up. Grandma's saying good-bye. She seems a little sad. We're heading for the truck. It's loaded up with all our stuff. We're in. It's making it's rumble. Grandma's waving. We're heading down the road. Oh happy day! I think I'm going home. Hey guys. Does Rocko know? Did somebody tell him? Will he be able to find me? We need to go tell him!  We need to go tell him right now!
   I think they're reading my mind. Looks like we're headed to Rocko's house. Wait dad wait. You just missed your turn. Oh man. You drove right by. I think he noticed. Looks like we're turning around. Ah man dad. What are you doing? You're driving down somebody's big long driveway. Are you lost? You know it does look a little familiar here. It looks like the place Rocko's friend the little black dog  lives. He moved you know. It is his house. Yep. There's Rocko right next door. Wow,you can read my mind. Hurry! Hurry! We've gotta go tell him I'm going back home today. He's gonna need to know. "Hey Rocko!" "Guess what." No Guys! What are you doing? We're going the wrong way. I don't want to go to the little black dogs house. Wait! I gotta tell Rocko. You're not listening to me. Oh man. You can't just go up to somebody's elses house and walk right in the door. It's bad manners. But we are. We just walked right in. They're laughing at me again. Mom unhooked my leash. And, much to my surprise, some of are things I haven't seen for awhile are already here. I'm not even sure who said it. But when I heard  "Welcome home Lefty. This ones for You. Now go check it out!" all I could think was,
     Oh My Gosh!
  If I'm Dreaming.
      Please Don't 
     Wake Me Up!