It's really really true. I'm not dreaming! I have another new home. I can  see a special  spot in the kitchen that's just right for my dish. Yeah a kitchen! You know it's gonna have food cooking in it. I've got a special spot for my bedroom too. All set up and ready to go now. Wow! I've got windows to look out of again and rooms to explore. It's not a big castle or anything but I'm thinking it'll do just fine. And Oh My Gosh there's a door with windows and it opens to a small yard of my very own. Oh man! This is really great! I can go outside all by myself again.
It not as big as my other yard or Grandma's yard. But I'll be able to see anybody who comes by my house. I'll see when my dad gets home from work again and
           Oh My Gosh! Rocko. Look At This!       
                     I'm living right next door to you now!                
Oh man, this is so cool! I can see Rocko all the time now. It all makes sense now. This is what mom, dad and my uncle have been up to. They did this all special just for me and Rocko. I just can't believe it.       
                                                  This is just wonderful!
                         I love you all so very much.
                              Thank you!
                                                   This is going to make for
                                                                   two very happy boys!
     I can only see one thing wrong here. There's this big yard between my little yard and Rocko's back yard. They're calling that my front yard. It's a biggie and they say it's all mine. But, it doesn't have a                                                  fence around it and I'm thinking that's a bit of a problem. That's gonna keep me and
Rocko from being able to see each other up close. Yep, I'm thinking that could be a big, big problem. I wonder if there is something they can do about that. Maybe if I give them my sad puppy dog eyes they can fix that for me. Oh well. I'm not gonna worry about that right now. I'm way to happy for that.  I can't wait to see what each new day will bring. I'll have all new places to check out when mom and I go out on our walks together.  I just can't wait to get started. I can tell what mom is thinking already.  
                      "Labrador patience Lefty. Labrador patience." 
    Sorry mom. I just can't seem to find it right now. Oh My Gosh! Mom! Look!
Hurry mom hurry! Here they come! They're comming over to see me please hurry! Whoops! Oh man. I'm sorry mom. I didn't mean to knock over the chair. But you've got to hurry and let me out! Let me out now! I gotta see em mom. I just gotta! Hey guys! Just how cool is this?  Looks like I can't let you in. There doesn't seem to be a gate around here. Now that's really wierd. There have  always been gates everywhere before. Ah darn! It sure is good to see you though. "Did you know I'm gonna be living here now Rocko?" "Isn't that just way too cool?" Maybe one of these days you can come inside and check it all out. Mom says there are too many boxes and things in the way right now. Not enough room to wrestle just yet. As usual my uncle didn't come empty handed. He never does. He always has cookies. Hey you know what? I think we should start calling him "The Cookie-Man." Yep! That's it. From now on he is the "Cookie-Man." Just perfect! 
    When the cookies were all gone and they headed for home. I wasn't sad at all. Not this time. I knew all I had to do was go inside and look out my window. There from my very own window I could keep an eye out for them. And, when ever they are out and about. I'll be able to see them again. 
                                  What a wonderful life!
        I am one lucky  
                  and very happy boy! 
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