As we headed down the road. I was so relieved to be along for the ride. I was getting a little worried there for awhile. It seemed like we were heading to Rocko's house. Nope. We turned the other way. Okay. We must be going to Grandma's house. Hey, maybe Rocko's over there. When the truck stopped. Sure enough. It was Grandma's house. Ah shucks! No signs of Rocko. As we climbed out of the  truck. Grandma was there to greet us. And for the very first time, I was getting to go into the house. I've never done that before. You see,  Coco is getting a little old. She's what you might call a senior citizen. And sometimes, as you know, I can get a little out of control. So, to keep Coco on the safe side. Rocko and I have always stayed outside. When we went inside, we didn't go upstairs where Coco was. We went downstairs.  I can be a little clumsy on stairs. I don't have many at my house. Just on the porches. Anyway, as I looked around, alot of our stuff was there. Okay, What the heck is going on here? Dad left for a minute. When he came back he had my dish and my bedroom. There was a special place for my dish. And a space left open for my bedroom too. I'm thinking it looks alot like a mini home around here. What the heck is going on? When day turned to night. Mom took me outside on my leash to do my nightly duties. When we came back in it was time for bed. I guess we're spending the night here. And just like my first night in my new home. Mom stayed with me again so I wouldn't get scared. She sure does love me!
   The next morning. Just like any other day. Dad got ready to head off for work.   Before he left he took me out on my leash to do my duties. When he left he told me "Take care of your mom and be a good boy."  When mom got ready we headed off on our morning walk. Now this is pretty cool! We're going places I've never been before. It's hard to be good. But I'll try. We went on three walks that day. New sights on every one. When dad got home he took me on another short one too. Before bedtime one more trip outside on my leash. Not once did I get to run free that day. I sure did miss it. I guess I just have to wait and see what tomorrow brings.
   As the days pass by, they're all about the same. Sometimes Grandma comes downstairs for a visit. Most of the time she stays on the other side of one of those darn gates they always use to keep me out of certain places. She does that just to be on the safe side so I don't knock her for a loop. You see, I still can't seem to control myself when it comes to jumping on people. I'm always so happy to greet people that I kind of loose my head. Mom and I go on alot of walks together. We even go to the park. That's nice but, I haven't meet any new friends around here. I sure do miss seeing Snowball everyday. And my little pug buddy too. I miss looking out the windows at night waiting for my dad to come home. The windows down here are to high for me to look out of. So, I just have to wait until I hear him at the door. I love it when he gets here. He takes me outside and lets me run free for awhile. Mom won't do that during the day. She's afraid Coco might get hurt if we're out there at the same time. I would never want to do that. I just love little dogs! I am alot bigger and younger than she is so I guess I understand.
   My uncle came for a visit one night. Oh darn! No Rocko. Don't get me wrong here. I was glad to see my uncle. I just wished Rocko was with him. It was mom's birthday. Her first one without a visit from Uncle "B". I think it was hard for them. Everybody told her "Happy Birthday!"  (But,they didn't seem very happy to me.) Dad gave her a present. A new pair of snow boots. I'm thinking those will come in handy for all our walks together. Soon it was time for my uncle to go home. He told me to  "Be a good boy." and off he went.
   The days passed by one-by-one. Soon it was this day they call "Thanks Giving." Grandma was cooking something upstairs that smelled really good to me. It must be a special day. Because dad didn't go to work. Later on that day, I got locked in my bedroom while mom and dad went upstairs to eat all that great smelling food.  I didn't like it one bit! Man it hurt my feelings. This isn't fair. I hate to admit it but, I cried... I cried alot!  Then I thought to myself  "No way am I putting up with this! I'm out of here!" I started scratching and banging on my bedroom door. Pushing and shoving it with my head. No way was I going to stop. Not until I got out. I even got my head stuck a time or two. I cut my ear. Ouch! I didn't care. I'm not stopping until I'm out of here. I was making a bunch of a noise. But I did it!  I'm free! I still wasn't happy and boy did I let them all know. Barking and barking "Come get me. Now!" I threw one heck of a tantrum. I've never acted that way before. Mom and dad were shocked when they came back and saw what I had done. 
(Heck, I even surprised myself.) Mom got upset when she saw the blood on my ear. Once she cleaned it up and saw it wasn't serious she calmed down. They weren't real thrilled when they saw what I had done to my new bedroom though. The door was pretty bent and banged up. It wouldn't latch shut anymore. They spent the night straightening it all back out. Adding a chain to the bottom to hold the walls back together too. I'ld done quite a number on it. Maybe they weren't real happy with me. But, I was proud of myself.  I'd gotten out!  And I thought to myself 
                                                "Lefty, Sooper Puppy!" 
   It's winter now. I'm getting bored. When it snows real bad, mom and I have to cut back on our walks. I haven't see much of my brother Rocko either. I hear mom talking on the phone to my uncle so I know he's doing okay. I'ld sure like to see him though. I miss him! One day once she got off the phone we headed out for a walk to the park. As we turned the last corner, much to my surprise, there they were Rocko and my uncle. Yeah! You guessed it. Out of control again!  The streets were a little icey from the recent snow. In my excitment I almost pulled my mom down to the ground. My uncle had to tie my brother to a post so he could help get me across the street. We were both so happy to see each other. Just trying to hold on to us as we said our hello's was quite the chore.  We gave them quite the workout. I think we wore them both out a little. Once we calmed down, off we went for our walk. And of course, Lefty's rule in force,  I always go first!  I think this was the best walk I'ld been on for a long time. Two proud brothers strutting our stuff. I could do this all day. Sadly it did have to come to an end. We walked back to my uncle's car and had to say our good-byes. Watching them drive away made me a little sad. And as we walked back to Grandma's house I was hoping I'ld see them again real soon. You know, it's kind of weird how you can be sad and happy at the same time. Because, I was happy again. This day had turned out to be a  great day!
   Mom is finally starting to lighten up a little on the leash rule. Everyone kept telling her she worried too much. So one snowy night, for the first time she let me run free. And of course, I scared the heck out of her. As I looked in the corner of Grandma's yard. There under a bush I saw two red lights glaring out at me. I stopped and I stared. Suddenly in a flash they moved. And swish, with a body attached, over the fence they went. Wow! It was a fox. I ran to the fence. (Mom thought for sure I was going over too.)  But I didn't. I stopped with my hands on top of the fence.  
 "Hey little guy! Come back. I could really use a new friend around here.  
Please come back!"  He just turned and looked at me like I was nuts. And back toward the park he went. I just don't get it. Why can't I make any new friends around here? Even when mom and I go for walks the other dogs aren't friendy. Heck, one time three of them even tried to jump me and pick a fight. (That was not a fun walk! We both were glad when that one was over.) As we headed back inside for the night, I was sad. I should have been happy. Ater all, I did get to run free without my leash. But seeing the little fox and him not wanting to be my friend really made me miss my own neighborhood.                                                                
                                                I really miss my friends!