At the end of February (the 28th.) Mom said it was another special day. She called it "Homecoming Day". I thought she ment we were going home.  We didn't.  What she ment was that Rocko and I have been with our new families for a whole year now. We didn't get to celebrate together that day. Unfortunatly, we had to wait for awhile. But once winter began turning into spring. And the weather became nicer and nicer outside. We made up for it.We started getting to get together to play and run free almost every weekend  at Rocko's house. It's been great! I'm really enjoying  spring now! Rocko's little friend (the little black dog next door) he moved away. So, I think Rocko is pretty happy to have me around.
  One day mom, dad and I went for a ride. We went the same way we always do to go to Rocko's.  I thought for sure that was where we were going. But, we didn't turn where we usally do. We went right on by. Just a little bit futher. Still, I could have sworn it was Rocko's house. We usally go to the back of his house. I figured cool, this must be Rocko's front yard. Hey! Now wait just a second here. Mom and dad both got out of the truck and left me all alone. I'm not to sure I like this. "Where are you guys going?" I don't like being alone!  You've never done this to me before. They were talking to some man and then they all just walked away. They left me sitting there all alone. They just disappeared. What the heck? I just sat there stunned. You could say I was in a state of shock.  I was speechless. (That's not like me. Usually when I'm left alone I let everybody know I'm not liking it. Even Rocko says I'm a little bit too dramatic.) All I could do was wait. They did finally come back. But I've gotta admit I was a little worried there for awhile. They got back in the truck and we just drove away. I love going for rides. But this one was weird. I didn't see him. But, I could have sworn Rocko was close by.
  The following weekend I forgot all about that ride. I was back at Rocko's and having a blast. For some reason mom went over to the little black dogs house. I don't know why. There wasn't anybody there. It was okay. I could still see her. She was fiddling around in the yard kinda like grandma does in hers. And I was getting to run free with my brother and hang out with my uncle. It was like guys day out. We were having a great time.
Still, every once in awhile I'd glance over at mom just to make sure she was okay. ( That's my job you know.) My uncle's great! He's always handing out goodies.Yum!  So what if we have to sit or lay down or do something silly like that to get them. It's worth it. It seems to make him happy.
He takes real good care of  Rocko and me. He always makes sure we have a big bucket of water to quench our thirst. When it's time to take a break we stop and listen to my uncle tell stories. 
He likes to tell us all about the things Uncle "B" could teach us. And how Uncle "B" would think we were a couple of nuts.
You can tell just how much he loved our Uncle "B". I think he's alway gonna miss him. I think my uncle is kinda proud of us too. It makes me feel real good. Because I don't want him to be sad. I hope Uncle "B" is proud of us too. I got to spend two days in a row at my uncles house that weekend. On the second day, mom stayed with Rocko and me. Dad and my uncle were busy over at the little black dogs house that day. It all seemed a little weird to me. But hey! Who cares? We were all together and I for one, had a blast! That night I slept like a rock. My dreams were jam packed full of all the fun we had.  
                                                   What a great weekend we had!