Christmas only lasted for that one day. But oh, what a wonderful day it was. I still dream about it just about anytime I want to.  When it was over, mom started taking all the pretty shiny things down and putting them back into boxes. I don't get it. Why not leave them? I like the way they look. They make the room look pretty. People are funny. I guess you could say things are back to normal. I can't help but wonder if there will ever be another Christmas.  I sure do hope so.
  It wasn't long before dad had another extra day off from work. They're calling this one "New Years Day." It's not like Christmas. There doesn't seem to be anything special going on. I don't smell  any special food cooking. Maybe it just means dad's get to stay home day. I wonder if my uncle gets to stay home with Rocko too?  I hope so. I know Rocko gets a little lonely when my uncle has to go to work. I hope they're having fun like dad and I are. We're getting to have some one-on-one play time. I think mom's enjoying a little break too. Dad decided to take me for a walk. It didn't go real well. I'm thinking he doesn't have any of that labrador patience my uncle talks about either. (Mom really needs to find us all some.) The day seemed to fly by really fast! Before I knew it, it was time for bed. So, with lots of hugs and kisses. Jam packed full of love and a "Happy New Year" off to bed I go. Love and  "Happy New Year"  to you too guys!  What ever the heck it means. 
   A few days after the Happy New Year day. The very minute I woke up. I was greeted with lots and lots of big hugs and kisses. Even more than usual. Okay mom. What's up? Then she said to me "It's the fifth of January handsome." She calls me that sometimes. " It's your birthday today." "Happy Birthday Lefty!" "You and Rocko are a year old today" She was full of hugs and kisses all day long. It did make me happy. I guess that's what happy birthday means. I heard that saying "Happy Birthday" all day. From everybody. That night my uncle even came to see me too. I was really happy to see him! But where's Rocko? It didn't seem fair he wasn't here. After all, mom said it was his birthday too. I guess it was because it was nighttime and a little cold outside. It was also a "work night" as they called it, for both my dad and my uncle too. Even so, my uncle just had to come by and tell me
     "Happy Birthday"  
He brought me a present too!
A great big yummy beef bone. Boy-o-Boy! It was lip smaking good!
I hope Rocko got one too. I'm betting he probably did. I'm getting to where I really like all these special days! My next special day was on the weekend. Off we went to  Rocko's  house so we could  celebrate our Birthday together. We had alot of fun running in and out of his house. (I could  still use a little work on those stairs.) Freaking out the cats is always such a fun thing to do. We are quite a bit bigger than we were a year ago. So it was decided, maybe we better get together at Rocko's house from now on. It would probably be better for Grandma's yard. (That makes our Christmas together even more special.) Maybe we can't get to running as fast. But, as long as we can always get together and have a good time. That's all that really matters. It's just a shame it always has to end. So it's bye-bye for now Rocko. 
                          I Love You  and   Happy Birthday Brother!