I like the cool weather and snow of winter. But, boy am I getting bored. I'm just a kid you know with alot of energy and not much to do. On the real snowy days mom and I don't go on as many walks. She does let me run free for a little while in the snow though. That helps a little. But, she always seems to get cold before I'm really ready to head back inside. Dad knows I'm bored too. So, one night he brought me home a great big box to play with. I had a blast pushing and shoving it all over the place. Banging it into everything in sight. I jumped on it, chewed on it, and tore it to pieces. I was making one heck of a racket. I freaked poor Grandma out! She came running down to see what I'ld done. I think she thought I was tearing the place down. She was pretty relieved to see the house was still standing.  Sorry Grandma! 
                                                        But, I did have a blast!
   Lately mom has been hanging all these bright, colorful and shiny things all over the place. I don't get it but, they are kind of pretty to look at. They keep talking about some day they call  "Christmas."  I think it must be some kind of special day. When that day came, dad stayed home again. Just like he did on that one day they called   "Thanksgiving." (Not one of my favorite days.) This time dad went upstairs with Grandma. I could hear them doing something up there together. Pretty soon I could smell all the good food again.  Oh no!  They're gonna lock me up again!       I just know it. Maybe it's a special day for them but I don't think I'm gonna be too happy about it. Mom decided she would take me outside for awhile. She checked to make sure Coco was safe inside so I could run free. Yep, she was. So, we headed out.
I went straight to the gate to see what was going on in the world.                                   
                 Hey Mom!  Surprise! Surprise!           
                      Look Who's Here! 
She just smiled and laughted at me. She had pulled a fast one on me. She already new thay were coming.
                              Oh happy day!
We hadn't seen each other since our walk in the park. And as usual, we were very happy to see each other again.
 Life just doesn't get any better than this!
There's just nothing more fun in the whole wide world 
than running and wrestling with my brother Rocko!
Grandma's yard is just the greatest place to play! 
And boy did we put it to good use. Once our hello's  were out of the way, we were off to the races.
Man we were flying!
 Darting and weaving around every flowerbed and tree in sight.  You'ld swear we had wings. 
Soon, we started wrestling and rolling all over the place. No time limits. No three counts. No referee. No winner. 
                       Just great fun for both of us!
 No slowing down until we wear each other out. Only then is it time to take a little break. Take a little breather and catch up on all our latest dog tails.                       
           Not for long!