It's been awhile since I've had a special day. Seems like there were a bunch of them one after another. Then boom! They just stopped coming. So, mom and I just go out walking and walking. It's great for my nails and I'm building up lots and lots of muscles too. Seems like I get stronger everyday. That's not working out real well for mom. I hear her complain about her arm hurting all the time. I think I'm wearing her out. I did wear my collar out. One day while we were walking past the building with all the windows. (The windows work just like the mirrors at Rocko's school. I love looking at myself in them. Just like Rocko did.) Anyway, my chain collar just fell off. I was so busy looking at myself that I didn't even notice. Mom sure did! I think she panicked just a little. Luckly I always wear two. She had me hooked back up in a jiffy. But as you all know. We can slip out of a nylon collar in a heart beat. If we really want to. Just one flick of the head in just the right way. And swish, we're free. I could tell mom was a little nervous about that the rest of the way back to grandma's house. She was in a big hurry to get there. It's a good thing we didn't run into any dogs running free on the way. They all seem to have an attitude. It's like they're all angry or something. They seem to want to pick a fight with me. I don't know why.   I'm always happy and smiling!
I love to make new friends!  I still haven't made any new ones around here I miss my old neighborhood. I had friends there. I miss them!  I really miss seeing Snowball. He was always happy and smiling too!
I wonder what he thinks about me not coming by to see him anymore. Does he still stand by his fence everyday waiting for me to come by? I bet he has given up on me by now. If I had only known we were leaving I could have told him good-bye. I hope he doesn't think I don't care about him anymore. I do care about you Snowball! I think about you all of the time.  You were my very first new friend. I hope you're happy!  
                                                              Keep on smiling little buddy!
  It's starting to get nicer and nicer outside now. Grandma really seems to like the sunny weather. When we get back from our walks she's always out working in the yard with Coco by her side. She's making it look real pretty for when the flowers start to bloom again. There's just one problem now. Mom won't let me run free in the yard anymore. Grandma says it's okay. But mom still won't let me do it. She doesn't want me to mess up any of grandma's hard work. Plus, you know how we like to mark everything? Mom says I'll kill grandma's flowers if I do that. So, in the house we go.
I'm beginning to get a little depressed here. I miss my own windows. And I miss my yard. I miss playing with my theather-ball and in my swimmimg pool. I miss my own back pourch. But mostly, I miss running free! 
                           I want to go home!